To begin with, nootropics are among our favorite drugs.

Just the thought of having the opportunity to enhance the performance of your brain and mental capabilities is wonderful, not even mentioning the fact that you can do it in a natural way by using smart supplement stacks to full advantage.

If you are ready to start digging into the depths of the comparatively new field of brain experimentation and mental optimization, it’s better to begin with the upper layer of this developing and tempting universe of smart drugs.

We have provided the 2015 Nootropics Buyer’s Guide in hopes that it will be of assistance to you, when you decide to choose and buy the proper natural brain supplement that suits you the most.

Nootropics and Cognition Improvement

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Nootropics and Cognition Improvement

And we certainly do not have a complete knowledge of the differences in creation of the entire cognitive enhancers range, so when we decide to buy nootropic supplements online, we are likely to be struggling with reasonably doubts.

NootropicsAlthough brain pills are not really a novelty on today’s market, yet they are promoted like this very unique pill that gives you unlimited abilities.

All in all, in spite of the fact that scientific debate and race are really intense on ways of memory improvement and optimization (in addition to other aspects), nootropics represent the trend of future.

Scientific investigations have proved that nootropics manage to enhance individual’s motivation, memory, and confidence level, as well as brain functions in whole. The effects, promoted by these compounds on the person’s body are amazing, and it’s safe to say that anyone can enjoy the advantages they bring.

Even though our fashion may be regarded as a flashy and fancy one, the main goal we have set is the optimization, which we try to reach through presenting you a systematic guide on the selection method among the best available nootropics.

Brain Enhancing Supplements – Basic Version.

Nootropics can cause a variety of things happening within your body. And it is important to remember that their effects on different people may vary consequently.

Increased focusing ability and brain’s memory, as well as other cognitive features are the result of several nootropics’ effects. They increase the levels of serotonin and dopamine, as well as the neurotransmitters number in the brain. Such increase results in a higher brain neuroplasticity, thus promoting the abovementioned effects.

Another important effect of nootropics is their vasodilating activity, which lies in their ability of increasing the blood supply to the brain.

How Do the Nootropic Drugs Work?

The term ‘nootropics’ was used for the first time by a well-known psychologist and chemist from Romania, Dr. Giurgea C.E. in the end of the 20th century. He combined ‘nous’ and ‘trepein’, which stand for ‘mind’, and ‘to bend’, respectively. These words describe the notion of nootropics really well, since nootropic agents are capable of bending people’s mind and increasing the abilities of recollecting and focusing, as well as other pivotal functions.

The high efficacy of nootropics is explained by the fact that they work as additives to already existing brain neurochemicals, like neurotransmitters, hormones, and enzymes, which improve essential cognitive functions. They also increase blood circulation in the brain and enhance its total nerve growth level.

The advantages of Nootropics include their overall safety and the fact that they cause no adverse events. No detrimental effects were reported from people, taking nootropics years in a row, just like none of these were found during the numerous validation studies. Further on we will talk about this point in a larger extent. Right now you should remember that the systematic use of nootropics causes very minor or no side effect at all, so you should stop worrying about this issue.

The doctor that created the notion of nootropics itself also came up with a list, which includes the criteria for chemicals that would allow calling them nootropics in the official way. This list was generally aimed at increasing the awareness level of people about the nootropics, as well as on giving a proper definition of nootropics for enabling the public to easily identify them.

The criteria to be met by a nootropic:

  • With regard to safety, a nootropic must have minor or no potential after-effects, as well as a non-toxic action.
  • With regard to the brain protection, a nootropic must  keep the brain intact from injuries, including the physical and the chemical ones
  • With regard to pivotal functions, a nootropic must promote the enhancement of the ability to learn in a more efficient way, as well as concentration and memory.
  • With regard to the cognitive abilities, a nootropic must boost the brain’s cognitive abilities and prevent their disruption by different health conditions.
  • The last, but not the least important criteria to be met is the ability of a nootropic to enhance the subcortical, as well as the cortical control mechanisms within the brain.

Being a chemist is not the essential criteria for understanding the mechanism of nootropics’ action. Even though it my sound technical, you will surely get the basic notions, which will allow you grasping the idea of how the nootropics work and what effects they have on your body. When deciding to consume any substance, you should always first cross the awareness threshold of the consequences that are going to wind up affecting you.

Present brain enhancing supplement market offers a variety of nootropic types. Consumers also have multiple options, when they are choosing a nootropic. You can either be choosing among the nootropic agents, created from natural ingredients, or you might decide to buy a nootropic, created from laboratory-made ingredients.

You will also have to choose among the pharmaceutical forms of nootropics, which can be both pills and powders. These two forms are the most popular and mostly available for purchase, though, of course, you can also find other types of substances.

Health Benefits That Nootropics May Bring

As we have already mentioned, nootropics are not a new thing on the market, as well as in medicine. Medics started using them many years ago for helping patients in both cognitive and motor function problems. Though, of course, they have also been used in a great variety of cases, like Alzheimer’s disease, Huntington’s disease, ADHD and Parkinson’s disease.

Nootropics allow strengthening the ability to learn and focus, as well as memory and concentration level, so it is quite understandable why these are used for treating such conditions and diseases.

Multiple benefits for the brain, as well as overall health benefits that the nootropics provide have encouraged people to take these drugs, even though they do not have such medical conditions. The nootropics’ benefits for people’s health are hard to be enumerated.

Though we have provided a list of some benefits, so that you could get the basic idea of these. Of course, it is impossible to include all of them, still we have covered the most important ones to help you realize, what the nootropic products are capable of.


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Common Health Benefits, Provided by Nootropics:

Improved Productivity Sense

Reduced Depression

Mood Improvement

Improvement In Brain Neuroplasticity

Better Blood Supply Into The Brain

Lower Stress Level

Better Sleeping Habits

Less Emotional Swings

Better Mind And Body Coordination

Brain Protection

Vocabulary Broadening

Total Safety Of Nootropics

Here it should be mentioned that not all of the abovementioned benefits will be experienced by each and every person, taking nootropics. They may manifest in some individuals in whole batch, and be totally absent in others. So, the nootropics may work perfectly well for some people and less for other ones. It is something common about all the supplements. The brain chemistry of each individual differs to a larger or a lesser extent, so this might require taking higher nootropic doses or even changing your nootropic to another one. Some people might need some time and experimenting for choosing the exact nootropic that will be the most effective namely for them.

Despite all the aforementioned facts, it should be noted that nootropics surely work great. The benefits they can offer you are so amazing, that you won’t find any other supplements capable of giving you the same. And the fact that they have minor or totally lack any negative effects only enhances their attractiveness. If you take some time and means for searching through different types of nootropics to figure the most appropriate for you, you will certainly end up in giving your brain and body the best product.

Even though the popular nootropics, which are most commonly sold nowadays, have already been listed in this guide, yet there is a vast number still to be considered. When making a choice, you should be aware of the fact that lots of other nootropics types are marketed today and give a thorough approach to those for selecting the one that suits you and your wishes the best. We shall provide you with the names of basic nootropic products, thus letting you grasp the idea of their variety.

We advise you to start your selection with enough experimentation and through research. This will help you in finding the nootropic product that will be of most benefit namely for you.

Supplements market offers a variety of nootropic agents, and the most popular ones belong to the racetams family. Piracetam and aniracetam are the two racetam subsets that are quite popular, as well. We will further talk about nootropic stacks, and you will see that piracetam and aniracetam mainly represent a nootropic stack base. Other racetam family members, which are generally used for cognition increase, are only a few of the huge variety of nootropic agents, used by professionals and consumers.

Multiple tests have shown that Vitamin B is an effective assistant in cognitive function improvement, so many people are starting to use nootropics together with vitamin B nowadays. European tests have proven that Omega 3 helps enhancing brain functions, and it works even better when used with nootropics. Popular variants also include Dimethylaminoethanol, glutamate activators, choline, green tea and ginseng.

As it was mentioned, nootropics are great through the fact of being non-toxic and promoting little to no side effects. This gives very little worries to people using them, but every individual is different by his reaction and chemical constitution. Consequently, side effects are possible, even though they are very rare to happen. You should keep this in mind, when you decide to resort to nootropics.

People, using nootropics, rarely experience side effects, but most common of those that might manifest, are:

  • Nausea
  • Headache
  • Allergic response (manifests the most rarely)

The list of potential side effects is really short, as you have noticed. It is possible because nootropic products are healthy in general and therefore the number of adverse events to be considered is so small.

The efficacy of nootropics is undoubtedly high, when it comes to boosting cognition of an individual, however we can’t call them miracle pills that work on their own without any additional efforts or steps. Of course, you will have to try and include in your style of life some of the following things that are aimed at increasing the efficacy, the benefits and your own satisfaction with the effects of nootropic agents.

If your goal is to find out, what namely causes your negative side effects, then you should go in for experimenting by using just a few nootropic products at once. Thus you will be able to figure, whether it is one or another supplement responsible for the unpleasant events.

The thing you should be seriously considering is visiting your doctor, if you notice having more side effects, and not only from the nootropic drugs. A qualified consultation is essential in such case, because it will help you determine, whether your health condition is fine or these negative effects are the result of something more serious.

Just like your body muscles, your brain also needs to be active as much as possible to maintain its cognitive reserve. Experts recommend sticking to the activities you do every day. You can choose whatever activity you prefer to increase the dynamics of your mental processes. Whether you choose doing math in your head or playing word games, it doesn’t matter if you do your best to keep your mind sharp. By doing so, you will assist in boosting the benefits you will get from nootropics.

Nootropics work as enhancers, so you should make sure they do have something to enhance. If your aim in using nootropics is to boost your cognitive functions, you should keep your mind clear and be full of energy. Exercising helps achieving both, and you will get most benefits from your brain supplement, if you keep you body and mind in a fit condition.

Although premade products and fast food seem attractive and convenient, they certainly can’t add anything positive to your daily ration. When consuming foods poor in nutrients and beneficial elements, you pose a threat to your body functioning, including your brain. Abundance in sweet beverages also doesn’t add any benefits to your overall condition.

What you should be focusing on, when choosing your meal, is food rich in vitamins and minerals. As it was mentioned before, Omega 3 works great for your brain, so by including enough fish in your diet you can also boost the same processes and effects, as the cognitive enhancers. Always remember to consume enough water and control sugar amount in what you drink.

If you ask any doctor at any time, whether the night’s sleep is important, you will always get a positive answer. And the number of sleeping hours, required for each person, might slightly differ, however the best sleep longitude is considered to be 7 or 8 hours. This is what you should be trying to do, even though for some of us it might seem difficult to achieve. You should remember that sleep helps your body recover and your brain restore.

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and you should understand that it’s impossible to take a magic pill and wake up the next morning being incredibly different. You should give some little time to nootropics for exerting their effects in full, but you surely will see the changes that will please you a lot. Once you notice how your level of task focusing, information comprehension and learning abilities grows, you will understand that your intelligence level also grows alongside.
You certainly deserve to be more intelligent and experience inner growth, which are even more attractive due to the fact that nootropic products are notable for their high safety, convenience and affordable price. Changing your life has never been this easy and pleasant!

FAQ About Nootropics

Since this field of supplements is relatively new, people have many questions about the nootropics, and we have gathered the most frequently asked ones. Of course, you might have some additional questions to ask, but we hope that we managed to answer some of them.

You can only answer this question, if you try them. Experimenting is essential for finding a proper nootropic. It surely won’t work on you the same as it does on the other person, but once you find the best nootropic for you, you are very likely to enjoy the effects you were seeking for.

The reaction of the chemicals in your brain is what really influences the response and success, so by trying several brain drugs you increase your chances of finding the one that provides a better effect on your cognitive functions.

The best way to figure out, whether your cognitive functions are progressing or not, is to challenge them. Try doing your usual brain exercising and carefully note your progress. Of course, skepticism is natural for everyone, but your results, getting better with time, are sure to wipe them off.

Due to the fact that the response to any kind of products differs greatly in each person, there can be no precise answer. Some people might show a fast reaction to nootropics, while as the others will have to wait a day or two for the results.

The least thing you should worry about, when going in for nootropics is the withdrawal syndrome. There is none, when you cease using smart drugs. Of course, you are likely to enjoy the consequences of their use and might not be willing to stop taking them. But the moment you stop, you will realize that no addiction has developed, even if you have been taking cognition enhancers for a longer period of time.

If you decide to stop taking nootropics, you should not worry of any side effects to follow. What you will see, though, is gradual diminishing of the acquired effects from the nootropic products. However, you should remember that your cognition will not fall below the level it was at the moment you started using nootropics.

If you are still not sure, whether the nootropics will work for you or now, here’s something for you to consider.

Each individual is certainly unique, and his reaction, as well as response to any kind of drug, might differ really much from his friend’s body response. You should understand that no one can predict the effects that a brain booster exerts namely on your organism, though you should never forget to keep to the recommended dosages and regime. As we have suggested, experimenting with different nootropics might help you find your perfect one, but be sure that the online provider of nootropic drugs is a reliable one.

Should I Buy and Try a Cognitive Enhancing Nootropic Drug?

This is, probably, the last question that’s left in your mind after you have come to this point of our guide. We did our best to combine all the information we have right now, which will help you feel like you already can make a conscious choice. It doesn’t matter, whether you already are experimenting with a nootropic drug or two, or are just imagining, what possibilities their usage might bring you in your everyday life and work, you certainly are already aware of all the good and bad things they contain or offer.

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Nootropics are used to boost learning ability, improve memory function, enhance focus and concentration, and even to improve verbal and written communication skills.