Berocca multivitamin complex review

Berocca Multivitamin Complex to Improve Physical and Mental Activity

Modern active rhythm of life requires more concentration and high labor productivity. Unfortunately, vitamin deficiency is often an obstacle for normal functioning of the brain and labor activity. Multivitamin complex Berocca was namely created to improve physical and mental activity.

Why do you need to buy Berocca?

 Replenishes deficit of all the necessary vitamins and minerals;
 Ideal for those who lead an active lifestyle;
 Helps to improve many vital processes in the body.

Vitamins themselves do not represent any energy value for the body. They cannot completely replace food products. However, metabolism and well-coordinated work of all internal organs, including the brain, are impossible without them.

It is not always possible to fully restore vitamin deficiencies with food.

Berocca Dietary Supplement to Improve Many Vital Processes in the Body

Monotonous diet, lack of time for lunch or dinner, frequent snacking – all these, sooner or later, may lead to vitamin deficiency.

Berocca is an excellent source of vitamins B and C. This means that you will not feel the first signs of vitamin deficiency – common ailment, fatigue, mopes and bad mood, when using this multivitamin complex.

For your convenience, there are three dosage forms of Berocca:

Effervescent tablets (15, 30, 45 pieces per pack);
Film-coated tablets (30 pieces per pack);
Drink (250 ml).

Bayer AG Manufacturers of Berroca Multivitamin ComplexRegardless of situation, no matter where you are, just take one pill or one bottle of Berocca drink, and you will recharge yourself for the whole day.

Less than 8 kcal per tablet will not have you gaining any extra weight. Berocca contains no gluten, artificial colors and flavors. A variety of fruit flavors will make Berocca intake even more enjoyable.

Vitamin C

The main role of vitamin C in the improvement of the brain function is the neutralization of free radicals. These active molecules violate microcirculation in the brain tissues that leads to destruction and acceleration of wear process.

Vitamins B

B-group vitamins play an important role in many metabolic processes in our body. Vitamins of this group help produce neurotransmitters – the most important components in transmission and processing of information.

Berocca Multivitamin Complex Package - Mental Sharpness & Physical Energy

For a better absorption of vitamins, Berocca also contains trace elements:

Calcium – an essential element for transmission of nerve impulses between neural connections.

Magnesium – protects the brain from aging, reduces susceptibility to stress situations.

Zinc – one of the essential trace elements for memory and concentration improvement.

The original multivitamin complex Berocca does not contain Caffeine. However, in some European countries, such as the UK, Spain and Germany, you may find the drug called “Berocca Boost”, which besides vitamins and minerals, contains Caffeine and Guarana Extract.

Caffeine is a known stimulant of the nervous system and motivates the body to action, both mental and physical. Yet, Guarana Extract reduces the brain fatigue and improves mood.

What advantages do you get if you buy the multivitamin complex Berocca?

 Absolutely natural product without artificial colors or stimulants;
 Daily norm of all necessary vitamins and minerals in one pill;
 Improvement of mental and physical activity performance.

The multivitamin complex Berocca is especially designed for young people, who need to replenish vitamin and mineral deficiency. However, if your have crossed the 50-years mark, special conditions are required for vitamins absorption.

Berocca Performance 50+ Effervescent Tablets

If you are a man of middle age, Berocca Performance 50+ is designed especially for you. In addition to essential vitamins and trace elements, Berocca Performance 50+ also contains ginseng extract.

Ginseng stimulates the endocrine glands, thus assisting to a maximally vitamins and minerals absorption. Ginseng has a tonic property; it improves working capacity and reduces fatigue.

Berocca Performance 50+ Multivitamin Complex with Natural Ginseng

Since 2005, Bayer Company is engaged in the production of Berocca. The best evidence of Berocca effectiveness in improvement of mental and intellectual activity is lots of buyers’ positive feedbacks all over the world.

Currently, Berocca is sold in more than 70 countries around the world. The multivitamin complex is very popular in such countries, as the USA, Argentina, Australia, South Africa, Finland, Italy, France and many others.

It is very easy to buy Berocca online. Such popular online stores, as Amazon, Walmart, Boots, Tesco and others are engaged in sales of the multivitamin complex. Price of Berocca ranges from $8 to $12 depending on a particular online store and region.

Berocca has long proved itself as one of the most effective supplements for mental and physical activity improvement. Everyone, who wants to improve quality of life and forget about mental and physical fatigue, should buy Berocca.