Brain Alert

Do you want to work or study more efficiently and better, but you have a bad memory? Do you dream to conquer the top of career ladder or to become a better research assistant, but constant stress hinders you? Brain Alert will help you improve your cognitive functions.

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Dietary supplement Brain Alert, based on natural amino acids, vitamins and medicinal plant extracts will help improve your cognitive activity. The results of more than a hundred independent laboratory studies confirm that Brain Alert quickly and effectively helps to improve:

  • brainwaves activity,
  • abstract and creative thinking,
  • mental performance,
  • long-term and short-term memory,
  • mood and resistance to stress,
  • focus on the set task,
  • speed and quality of data memorization,
  • ability to reproduce

Try Brain Alert and see for yourself that it helps to maintain and improve cognitive functions. In addition, Brain Alert smart pills will help you protect the nerve cells from harmful impact of various external and internal factors:


stress and anxiety

cognitive impairment

effects of free radicals

organic disorders

cerebral intoxication

physical and mental fatigue

The smart drug Brain Alert has a wide range of positive effect on the person’s cognitive functions. Brain Alert capsules include natural active ingredients that contribute to activation and maintenance of:

oxygen delivery to the brain,
regeneration of nerve cells,
cerebral blood circulation,
preservation and growth of neurons,
absorption of nutrients in the brain.

The company Brain Alert LLC, the manufacturer of this “smart drug”, is confident in its high efficiency and safety for your physical and mental health. This confirms their unique offer of 100% money back guarantee.

If you do not like how Brain Alert affects you, or you find this smart drug not effective enough for you, you may send the package with the remaining capsules back. BrainAlert LLC will refund you with full purchase price within 30 days.

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The dietary supplement Brain Alert contains 24 active ingredients; each of them has its special effect on the person’s cognitive abilities. This list of active substances includes ten amino acids and compounds with nootropic effect:

DMAE – improves quality of sleep and rest
Trimethylglycine – improves mood
Phosphatidylserine – improves the brain function
N-acetyl tyrosine – reduces fatigue
Vinpocetine – increases cerebral blood circulation

L-carnosine – regenerates nerve cells
CoQ10 – helps to preserve and renew neurons
Citicoline – makes it easier to comprehend and memorize information
Acetyl l-carnitine – increases focus and concentration
R-alpha lipoic acid – has a strong antioxidant effect

Furthermore, Brain Alert supplements include seven natural extracts of medicinal plants. They possess many unique properties. These substances of Brain Alert will help you improve your cognitive functions:

Gotu Kola – reduces anxiety;

Panax Ginseng – increases clarity and sharpness of the mind;

Huperzine A – protects the nerve cells from destruction;

Rhodiola Rosea – increases intellectual potential;

Bioperine – improves nutrients absorption in the brain;

Ginkgo Biloba – strengthens mental and emotional stability;

Bacopa Monnieri – reduces time of memorizing difficult information.

Seven B-group vitamins (B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, Methylcobalamin, and Folic Acid) in Brain Alert capsules are also very important for the improvement and maintenance of cognitive functions. In complex, they provide a wide range of effects:

  • significantly improve memory,
  • have a calming effect,
  • increase concentration,
  • increase ability to learn,
  • protect the brain from toxins impact.

All Brain Alert ingredients are synthesized in the FDA-approved laboratories. This means that Brain Alert capsules are produced in accordance with all rules, requirements and standards, set in the USA for food supplements production.

This nootropic will not give you instant knowledge or experience, but you will be able to memorize much more information, to increase speed and quality of your cognitive performance by means of the smart capsules Brain Alert.

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Brain Alert will help improve your cognitive functions by just five steps: increase in nutrients absorption, protection of nerve cells from toxins effects, increase in metabolism, blood microcirculation and neurotransmitters synthesis.

These five effects of Brain Alert will help you make your cognitive performance correct and complete:

  • Bioperine in Brain Alert composition promotes rapid and qualitative absorption of nutrients in the brain. This leads to an increase of its work and cognitive abilities.
  • Brain Alert improves blood supply to neurons, protecting cells from damage and increasing their supply with oxygen, glucose and other important substances.
  • Nootropics and amino acids in Brain Alert are required by the body for the synthesis of neurotransmitters that promote a rapid exchange of information between the nerve cells.
  • Due to its antioxidant action, Brain Alert protects your nerve cells from the impact of harmful toxins, prevents oxidative damage, destruction of neurons and development of cognitive dysfunction.
  • Brain Alert capsules contain substances that help speed up the metabolism in your brain. Thus, you will provide it with all necessary nutrients and increase its resistance to fatigue and stress.

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By using Brain Alert, you may increase your brain’s ability to receive, to process and to transmit information. Thus, Brain Alert will help you increase your cognitive functions and potential for effective learning, work or communication with other people.