Concerta ADHD medication review

Most of the world’s population, especially residents of big cities, is constantly exposed to emotional stress. It is well known that stress has a negative impact on the nervous system.

As a result, people become extremely irritable, their performance decreases, their memory and thinking processes deteriorate.

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This led to the development of specific drugs that are able to activate the metabolic processes in the brain and the nervous system for increasing the resistance to extreme factors.

Concerta is a centrally acting sympathomimetic, which improves brain metabolism and effectively activates the higher mental functions in children and adults.


Increasing the intelligence
Relieving fatigue and improving attention
Activating metabolic processes in the brain tissue
Contributes to the preservation and increase of vigilance

The active ingredient of Concerta is the light stimulant of the central nervous system methylphenidate, the effect of which is based on the reduction of one of the dopamine and norepinephrine reuptake mechanisms.

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Concerta enhances the level of dopamine neurotransmitter in the brain, while blocking certain dopamine transporter (DAT), which extracts dopamine from the synapses.

Concerta may be especially recommended for children and adults with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), since this nootropics helps:

Reduce the severity of ADHD (hyperactivity) symptoms
Promote the relaxation of the central nervous system
Improve the higher brain functions

Concerta improves memory and learning ability, acting on all phases of the process: the initial information processing, consolidation, and reproduction.

In the US and several European countries (including Sweden, the UK, Finland), Concerta is supplied in the form of extended-release tablets for oral administration. Each tablet is covered with a special outer shell that promotes good tolerability of the nootropic.

Regardless of the manufacturing company, the drug is available to all consumers in four dosages:

Concerta 18mg
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Concerta 27mg
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Concerta 36mg
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Concerta 54mg
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Thanks to the new technology of a gradual and controlled release of the active substance, Concerta tablets are well tolerated and generally devoid of side effects, characteristic for the nootropic drugs (such as headaches or dizziness).

Pharmacokinetic studies of Concerta showed that the drug is well absorbed in the gastrointestinal tract. After the ingestion, the action duration of the extended release tablet Concerta is approximately 12 hours, while as the half-life is approximately 3.5 h.

Just one Concerta pill a day is sufficient to stimulate brain function and activate the thinking process. This nootropic is usually taken in the morning, regardless of the meal.

You should not divide or chew Concerta tablets, since this will interfere with the sustained release of the active substance and may cause the effect weakening.

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This nootropic dose should be picked individually, in the range of 18mg to 54mg. If necessary, the daily dose of Concerta may be gradually increased to the maximum dose (54mg of Concerta). Intervals between the dose increases are usually 1 week.

The course use of Concerta improves mental and cognitive processes, increases intelligence, activates metabolism in the nervous tissue, and increases brain resistance to the adverse effects of the endogenous and exogenous factors.

If you notice in your child’s memory impairment, decreased concentration or learning disabilities, you may give him Concerta nootropic.

Research has shown that in addition to improving cognitive function and mental performance, Concerta helps to effectively ease the ADHD symptoms (excessive motor activity, impulsivity, inattention).

ADHD is one of the manifestations of minimal brain dysfunction; in other words, very light brain disorder, which manifests itself in the form of a violation of higher brain functions maturation.

Concerta is effective and safe for children. It positively affects the nervous system as a whole, and the brain in particular.

It is proved that Concerta helps activate the cognitive functions in children, increase mental alertness, improve the level of learning and memory in adolescents and adults.

If you are looking for a safe and effective nootropic, which will not only improve your intellectual capacity, but also develop perseverance and concentration, you should choose the cognitive enhancer Concerta.