Oat straw

If you find it difficult to concentrate on the task at hand, get constantly distracted by noises, sounds, smells, or light, often feel brain fog, and simple tasks seem too difficult – try Oat straw.

Oat straw extract is a natural energy booster, which has been used to improve cognitive processes since ancient times. Oat straw has many advantages over other nootropics:

improves attentiveness
calms the nervous system
improves concentration and focus

Oat straw is a perfect assistant for perfectionists, who strive for perfection of their cognitive functions, thoughts and the surrounding world. Enhancer of mental energy Oat straw has received many positive reviews, including from the famous American doctor and broadcaster Dr Oz.

Oat Straw

Use smart tablets Oat straw, if you get very tired at work or feel mental fatigue. Oat straw supplements will help you calm the mind, improve brain performance and the quality of rest during sleep.

Oat straw contains many vitamins and minerals that are necessary for people to maintain brain health and improve cognitive function. Oat straw contains such nutrients, as:






vitamins of group B

Smart pills with Oat straw extract do not cause adverse reactions and have no contra-indications or warnings in use. Oat straw does not interact with other drugs or nootropics.

Instead, supplements for cognitive performance improvement with Oat straw help reduce the risk of allergic or adverse reactions of certain medications, including strong sleeping pills or drugs.

You may buy Oat straw online in Vitamin Shoppe store in form of tea, herbal tinctures, powders or dietary supplements. One of the most popular smart drugs with Oat straw in the US is Alpha Brain. The composition of the dietary supplements includes Oat straw in complex with other natural nootropics, such as:

  • Rhodiola
  • Horsetail
  • Ginkgo Biloba
  • Kola nut

Use up to 1500 mg of Oat straw smart capsules per day, divided into three or four doses, to:

Oat straw

improve the health of your nervous system,   reduce the effects of stimuli and fatigue on the brain,   increase mental energy and performance,   increase concentration in active intellectual work.

These Oat straw effects may help you overcome stress during difficult long conferences or negotiations, avoid fatigue when preparing for exams, improve your cognitive performance and increase the intellectual or artistic performance.