Phenibut – is an analogue of GABA ( gamma-aminobutyric acid acid ), which has a pronounced nootropic activity and tranquilizing effect. The nootropic Phenibut reduces anxiety and tension, activates the cognitive functions of the brain and increases the ability to learn.


Studies have shown that Phenibut has the ability to penetrate the blood-brain barrier and directly influence the cerebral circulation.

By improving blood circulation and metabolism in the brain, Phenibut nootropic reduces stress, increases mental clarity and stimulates mental activity.

Furthermore, Phenibut affects the CNS GABA receptors and enhances the transmission of nerve impulses in the brain.

If you are engaged in intense mental work, and both excitement and nervous stress prevent you from concentrating on your work, you may buy Phenibut.

Brain booster Phenibut activates the cognitive brain functions, and also has a calming effect. Course application of Phenibut promotes:

tension and anxiety lowering
mental and physical performance improvement
improvement of memory, attention and psychomotor reactions rate
Gaba and Phenibut

Today, Phenibut is being successfully sold on the markets of many countries, including Australia, the USA, the UK, and Canada. One of the most advanced and well-known Phenibut manufacturers are Liftmode, Primaforce, Biovea.

Unfortunately, GNC Phenibut was withdrawn from sales and is no longer available to the consumers. Nevertheless, users may buy Phenibut online from a number of nootropics vendors, including on Amazon.

Due to its properties, Phenibut is widely used today by people of creative professions, as well as students. Many students take Phenibut nootropic as a study aid.

Phenibut reviews suggest that this cognitive enhancer helps to quickly increase memory retention and concentration, reduces tension before the exams.

Best Phenibut dosage for an effective mental abilities improvement ranges from 250 to 750 mg per day. Reddit (social media) advices consumers to refrain from high Phenibut doses (more than 2000 mg per day), since this may lead to intoxication and opposite effect.

Some users take Phenibut in combination with other stimulants, like Adderall or Kratom in order to achieve a stronger effect. They sometimes also use it with other nootropics, like Noopept. In this case, the recommended daily dose of Phenibut should be reduced.

Phenibut reviews say that this nootropic has minimal side effects if used correctly. You may trust Phenibut. It will help you remove anxiety, normalize sleep and boost your mental performance.