Which are the nootropics, considered to be the most effective nowadays? You can hear the terms “brain boosting” or “cognition enhancing” drugs instead of nootropics, which is due to their positive influence on the intellectual capacity.

Enhanced Focusing and Learning Ability, Concentration and Mental Energy, Clearness of Thought and Better Memory

. . . are just a few to name among the advantages that you might get from the nootropic products.

The fact that these supplements improve the communication between the neurons explains higher efficiency of these brain cells and, sometimes, even healthier brain. The effects, produced by the cognition enhancing agents, are capable of merging into complex improvements, like higher creativity, problem solving ability and enhanced fluid intelligence.

Aside from all the above, such drugs are also being used in clinical researches on such conditions, like ADHD, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases, as well as dementia and age-associated decline in cognitive abilities.

Due to all the benefits that have been proven in multiple studies, nootropics became extremely popular over the last year. You might be wondering, where you should begin your experience with the brain boosters?

Of course, we already know that you will meet a huge variety of offers on nootropics. But having no information about them will make you hesitate quite strongly, when making your choice. So, we have provided a list for your convenience, and included ten supplements with highest nootropic activity altogether with some of their specific features.


  • Twelve natural and safe components with nootropic effects
  • Higher energy and memory levels, as well as mental determination
  • Improved productivity, motivation and focusing ability


The effects of Pramiracetam powder are mainly expressed on the cognitive function, without any significant influence upon the nervousness or mood.

Pramiracetam works through enhancing the potential of the neurons action through connecting to the AChR receptors and by their further desensitization inhibition. Thus, it improves such pivotal functions, as the ability of concentrating, learning abilities and capacity, attention concentrating and focusing for a long time.

This brain booster can generally be defined as an improved variant of the original drug, called Piracetam, which is a lot weaker in its effects.

Pramiracetam is remarkable for its lipophilicity and quite an extended half-life, as well as for the high brain energy level it helps acquire.


Noopept is a nootropic, which allows achieving multiple effects due to the actions it exerts on brain, and namely on the synapses, the peculiarity of which is their plastic property. This brain booster is capable of enhancing this property, thus beneficially affecting such pivotal function, as memory.

However, this is not the only reason, why Noopept is listed among the most potent nootropics. It also reduces nervousness, and improves logical reasoning, cognition, study skills and mood, as well as sensory sensitivity and reflexes.

Noopept enhances the neurotransmitters activity, including Dopamine, Serotonin, Glutamate and Acetylcholine.  This is due to its stimulating effect on the active centers of such brain receptors, as nACh (Nicotinic Acetylcholine), AMPA (α-amino-3-hydroxy-5-methyl-4-isoxazolepropionic acid ) and NDMA (N-methyl-D-aspartate).


Adrafinil is sold legally in the USA, and it can be used as a substitution for Modafinil, since it is capable of transforming into Modafinil in the liver.  So, they are similar in action and the beneficial nootropic effects.

To avoid potential adverse effects that may result in long-term use, Adrafinil is advised for occasional or cycle use. Such use will also help you avoid tolerance to the drug.


Modafinil is an Rx nootropic drug, so note that you require visiting a doctor for getting it. When it was created, it was meant to be used clinically for the treatment of sleeping problems. Nowadays, the drug is also used in apnea treatment, as well as for enhancing the watchfulness of medical and other shift-working staff.

Even if Modafinil may not be described as the remedy for the abovementioned problems, yet it works incredibly well as powerful means for maintaining a wakeful state. This benefit is really worshipped by those, who suffer from sleepiness during the daytime and feel tired most of the day.

Modafinil stands among the most potent nootropic products, and its use also promises to provide you with several cognition benefits, like memory and mental potential boost, better concentrating, thinking and focusing abilities.

You should remember that there is a possibility of tolerance creation to this drug; however, if it is the right nootropic for you, you will enjoy the effects.

Huperzine A

Huperzine A belongs to the herbal range of brain boosters. It is produced from natural ingredients, and namely from Huperzia Serrata (Chinese plant). When you take small doses of this product, it provides a gentle effect and easily tolerated by the body. So, if you are just entering the nootropic kingdom, you might want to consider doing it namely with this drug.

Huperzine A influences the brain level of ACh (Acetylcholine), which is a very significant neurotransmitter. Thus, the action of this product enables several improvements in your brain, including memory and other cognition functions and processes.


The stress and nervousness that often result in depressive mood are a real problem of our modern society, and if you are facing this problem, you might try and apply to Aniracetam for solving it.

In fact, Aniracetam is quite a strong anxiolitic, having the ability of lowering nervousness and stress, as well as improving your mood. On the other hand, due to its belonging to both Ampakine and Racetam families, it offers some cognition-enhancing benefits, as well.

Even though Aniracetam is not considered to be a CNS stimulating agent, some people do get the stimulation effect. Though, it is fair to say that it provides a good mixture of energy boost and relaxation.

When using this drug, you will get other advantages that will surely please you, since these are increased abilities of focusing, memorizing and thinking clear.


To begin with, Phenylpiracetam is a very potent cognition enhancer. In fact, it provides by sixty times more concentration than Piracetam. The enhancement of such cognitive functions, as mental potential, focusing ability, alertness, studying skills, and memory is accompanied with its ability of increasing overall stress and cold tolerance.

The uncommon advantages are due to the fact that Phenylpiracetam combines the properties of Piracetam and a Phenyl molecular group, which is fixed to it. When you get to read or hear the reviews on its use, you will also surely discover the fact that this nootropic drug assists in diminishing the recovery period after the trainings, as well as improves physical efficiency.


What you should be aware of, is the fact that this drug is not a nootropic in its essence. However, this synthetic Thiamine variant is very often used jointly with nootropic stacks, because it gives a great combination with various nootropic supplements.

Mainly, Sulbutiamine is used for achieving a boost of total mental powers, but, of course, there are some other advantages to be noted. This drug promotes enhanced concentration, alertness and focusing ability, as well as overall well-being and relaxation.


You may often hear that one or another nootropic product requires joint use of plenty Choline. This is due to its ability of mitigating headache, which often results from the use of various brain boosters. Aside from this, Choline is also really helpful in increasing the nootropic effects’ strength of many drugs.

Even though various foods contain this component, its levels are too low to produce significant effects. So, if you are planning on applying to a serious routine of nootropic supplements, you should seriously consider introducing high-quality Choline to it. Being the precursor of the primary neurotransmitter Acetylcholine, it will promote its production in high quantities, thus benefiting your brain functions.


The body produces 5-HTP from L-Tryptophan, after which it is further converted in the brain into Serotonin, which stands on the highest importance level along with several other neurotransmitters, responsible for regulating your mood. In addition, it prevents excessive agitation and improves focusing abilities. It is also one of the key components, when it comes to the promotion of appropriate sleep mode.


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